Today, on this cold crisp morning I am getting ready to take a look at everyone in my barn and decide who to breed and who not to breed... Looks like I might just do an all around breeding this evening after Church and lunch with good friends!  I will be doing some chocolate, agouti and some tri/harli breedings in Holland lops mostly,  my light gray flemish are already bred and expecting in approx 3 weeks.  I wish I could breed the New Zealands, but they aren't quite old enough yet :)  Shoot me any requests that anyone is looking for.  ALso will check the nest boxes and see who is IN the box also!  I have a Litter from Blue Jean and Adam in the box- 3 babies, and a litter of Lionheads in the box as well.  Then have the 1 chestnut Netherland doe also in the box!  Always a lot of activity!  And I'm off...


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    January 2013